BSDTW 2017

2017/11/11~ 2017/11/12 | Beitou Resort

Call for papers

BSDTW is a conference that aims to bring out more BSD developers and development all across Asia, drawing speakers both locally and from the entire world. We will gather in Taipei, Taiwan for a mix of developer and user-focused presentations, food, and activities.

The instructions for submitting a proposal to BSDTW 2017 are as follows:

BSDTW 2017 will be held on the 11th and 12th of November 2017 (Sat/Sun), in Taipei. We are now requesting proposals for talks. We do not require academic or formal papers. If you wish to submit a formal paper, you are welcome to, but it is not required.

The talks should be written with strong technical content. Presentations on the use of BSD in products and companies are strongly encouraged but marketing proposals are not appropriate for this venue.

Please write an estimation of the travel expense because BSDTW will support airfare fee and hotel accommodation of the accepted speakers. Note that this support is limited to a speaker for each paper. If a paper has multiple authors, please make it clear that who will be the speaker.


The schedule is:

How to submit

  1. Go to
  2. In "BSDTW OSEM Account" section:
    1. Fill your preferred data in "Username", "Email", "Password", "Password confirmation" fields.
    2. In "Proposal Information", fill the "Title" and "Abstract" of your proposal. Currently we only accept "Talk - 50 min" proposal type.
    3. For "Require participants to register to your event", ignore it
    4. Click "Do you require something special?", fill your estimate of the expected travel expenses in "Requirements" field.
  3. Click "Create Proposal", you will be redirect to
  4. At the "Complete your proposal" section:
    1. Complete "Fill out your biography"
    2. Complete "Add a subtitle" if you have preferred subtitle
    3. Ignore "Register to the conference", "Add a commercial", "Add a difficulty level"
  5. Done! You can come back to and edit your proposal anytime before submission due.

Other information

If you have any question about submitting or program related inquiries, please contact program committee:

If you have any question about visa or other general inquiries, please contact conference general contact:

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